Preeflow® introduces eco-SPRAY!

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preeflow eco-SPRAY Sprühdispenser in der Anwendung

‘Volumetric spraying’ was the preeflow motto on the exhibition ‘productronica’ in Munich. The brand new precision volume dispenser eco-SPRAY, made by ViscoTec, is suitable for various applications in different spraying areas. The revolutionary combination of the reliable endless piston principle and a low-flow spray chamber guarantees perfect spraying of low to high viscosity fluids – with high edge definition! The … Read More

preeflow at mkvs

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preeflow and viscotec mkvs

Together with interesting information about pressure-sensitive adhesives and solvent based products we attended the exhibitor’s area with products of our business unit components and devices. The preeflow dispenser series met with great interest and the discussions were consistently high quality.

Get together at ViscoTec

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Preeflow Team

It was a pleasure to invite all of our distributors to attend the 1st Distributor Conference on 10th of November 2015 which was held in Töging at ViscoTec GmbH. This was aimed at providing a good opportunity to communicate with the experts and other distributors and it was a great benefit for all of us.

Saving Production Costs due to Purely Volumetric Dispensing

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preeflow ecoPEN Schnittbild

Dispensing is one step of many production processes. It often doesn’t get as much attention as various others. All too often it is believed that any dispense method can do the application well enough. This can cause great problems: For example through viscosity changes which are often caused by pressure and temperature variations. Those changes make it difficult for the … Read More

Pimp my Pump

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Pimp my Pump - Equipment für Dosiertechnik

The standard is to use snow tyres for motor vehicles to receive optimum performance of your car under harsh weather conditions. The tyre for the cold season is made out of a different elastomer combination which is responsible for optimum grip and minimized wear at winterly road conditions. Comparably to this we offer a special elastomer combination for our products … Read More

preeflow® controls the dispensed bead

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Preeflow Dosierraupe Dispenser

preeflow® stands for user-friendly and intuitive usable dosing systems which offers you an accurate and precise dosage. With those attributes you can also achieve savings of medium up to 30 %. With a dosing system of preeflow® you have always the control over the dosed bead by setting just one parameter, the volume flow. It’s independent of the speed of … Read More

Perfectly dosed thermal pastes

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Wärmeleitpaste dosieren mit preeflow - Thermal Pastes dosed by preeflow

In power electronics thermal pastes are for example used for cooling of processors or other construction elements. Even the smallest of cavities on the surfaces of the components often downgrade the heat transfer enormously. The pastes exactly fill these cavities and optimize the transmission characteristics of the cooling elements. The thermal pastes are usually high-filled substances, so called ‘Gap Fillers’. … Read More

ViscoTec practical seminar series: Complex potting dosing applications

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ViscoTec preeflow Praxisseminar 2015

ViscoTec practical seminar series: Complex potting dosing applications – a wide range of user information in theory and practice ViscoTec Pumpen- u. Dosiertechnik GmbH has considered in the practical seminar on 10th – 11th  June 2015 the product and process configuration of complex potting dosing tasks in a series of presentations and in practical dosing applications in details. Guest lecturers … Read More

preeflow® at BITEC Exhibition Centre in Bangkok

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ViscoTec at Nepcon

The preeflow® story of success goes ahead. preeflow® participated at Nepcon exhibition in Bangkok together with our distributor for Thailand area. Thailand has an increasing market for electronic manufacturing and automation. The company CHEMTEC is, besides other technical products for automation, the official distributor for preeflow® and ViscoTec. As Chemtec has moreover 20 years of experience in dispensing they are … Read More

Bubble free dosing of adhesives – micro dispensing in perfection

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preeflow eco-PEN450 micro dispenser

As Adhesives become more and more complex, handling of these adhesives will keep on getting more difficult. For any expert user of such adhesives it should therefore of utmost importance to keep up to date with available options in dosing technology. Germany’s ViscoTec Pumpen- u. Dosiertechnik GmbH is a perfect partner, that can bring to the table a good basis … Read More