Your Automated Spraying System for Precision Nebulizing and Spraying

preeflow® eco-SPRAY

The ViscoTec precision spray equipment enables applications in a wide variety of spray areas.

The automated spraying system consists of a revolutionary combination of a proven endless piston principle and a low-flow spray chamber. This guarantees perfect spraying of low to high viscosity materials with high edge definition.

The automated spraying dispenser eco-SPRAY is impressive

Viscosity independent spraying

Spraying of defined quantity

High edge definition

Regardless of primary pressure

Controllable round spray

Consistent spray-image

Constant amount/area


Smallest spray quantity: 0.05 ml
Adjustable dosing flow: 0.5 to 6.0 ml/min
Dimensions: Length 228 mm, ø 35 mm

preeflow automated spraying system eco-SPRAY for spraying and nebulization


The preeflow eco-SPRAY precision spray equipment enables many applications in the low to high viscosity spray range.

Theory of function

The preeflow eco-SPRAY enables volumetric dosing based on the endless piston principle. The basis is a rotating, fully pressure-tight displacement system. It consists of a rotor and stator. The defined rotary movement of the rotor displaces the material volumetrically in the stator. This creates the flow. Controlled via the processor, a defined quantity is fed into the special low-flow spray chamber.

The precise nebulizing and spraying takes place continuously or intermittently. The combination of endless piston and low-flow spray chamber guarantees perfect spraying: From low to high viscosity materials with high edge definition and minimum overspray.

Datasheet eco-SPRAY

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preeflow® – microdispensing in perfection

More than 20 years of experience in fluid dispensing. This comprehensive know-how in dosing technology distinguishes ViscoTec. In 2008, this wealth of experience was expanded with the introduction of the preeflow brand. With success: For 10 years, preeflow has stood for precise and purely volumetric dispensing of liquids in small and very small quantities. All over the world, a wide variety of industries rely on preeflow products. Always in the sense of the claim: Smaller, more precise, more economical.