Saving Production Costs due to Purely Volumetric Dispensing

Melanie HinterederAllgemein

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Dispensing is one step of many production processes. It often doesn’t get as much attention as various others. All too often it is believed that any dispense method can do the application well enough. This can cause great problems: For example through viscosity changes which are often caused by pressure and temperature variations. Those changes make it difficult for the user to get a uniform dispensing bead. For many users it is a bothersome but necessary task, to adjust the pressure or the dosing time several times a day.

Here the progressive cavity pump and its purely, continuously volumetric dispensing technology offers help! By a predefined chamber filling volume between rotor and stator an exact volume is emitted. The technology is perfectly suited for low to high viscosity media. Feeding without shear force is possible: Through a microprocessor-controlled turning and therewith through displacing the fluid. Thanks to this gentle conveyance the variety of products that can be dispensed is nearly without any limits. Dosing volumes in the micro- or nanolitre range can be applied independently from temperature, pressure and viscosity. As dot dosing as well as bead dosing. With the programmable reverse conveying direction a controlled material or media outline without dripping is guaranteed.

Diagramm preeflow in GermanWith a dosing accuracy of +/- 1 % and a repeatability of >99 % significant product savings are possible in the future! Whilst processing various fluids less material wastage is caused and rework is minimized – resulting in savings and increased productivity. This is exactly the principle the preeflow dispensers from ViscoTec are based on – the so-called endless piston principle. They are integrated successfully in one component and two component material applications.

A fluid manufacturer required a precise dosing possibility for his excellent new product. The innovation could not convince on the market despite combining all the right performance characteristics and an attractive price: The only issue was the fluid could not be reliably dispensed with all known methods of dispensing. They always had inconsistent volume over the production day and between syringes. This scared off a lot of potential customers.


ecoPEN preeflow

preeflow eco-PEN dispenser in application

After long-winded failures trying different technologies, intensive dispense trials with a preeflow dispenser had been started. The continuously volumetric dispense technology was able to pass all the tests the fluid supplier asked and even exceeded their expectations. With the endless piston principle, which is integrated in the preeflow dispensers, they minimized waste, reduced cycle times, and yielded excellent repeatability over the course of a production run.

The benefits for the customer are obvious: They are no more required to continuously check the system and make time‐consuming adjustments of the system. At the same time the fluid use was optimized, rework was nearly eliminated, and throughput increased, allowing the company time to work on streamlining other processes, resulting in further cost savings. It also enables customers to enhance existing processes, as well as implementing new applications with minimal effort.