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The preeflow® eco-PEN series is part of the rotating displacement pumps. The theory of function is comparable to an endless piston, which conveys the product from the suction end to the discharge end, thus building up a pressure difference.

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1-component and 2-component epoxy, UV & light curing, anaerobic, toluene, sealing agents, heat curing, gasoline, high fill fluids, shear-sensitive adhesives, LED resins, flavours, thermal conductive paste, solder paste, RTV rubbers, silver paste, flux, industrial oils, perfume, cosmetics & medicines, biotechnical suspensions, silicones, grease, alcohol, MEK, thermal grease, PU, brazing paste, paints & inks, primer, acetone, epoxy resin, electrolytic solutions, isopropanol and many more
Potential cause: Motor (dispenser cable) is not connected

Correction: Connect motor to eco-CONTROL unit Check all connections!

Potential cause: Dosing needle is blocked, dosing needle is bent

Correction: Clean and/or replace the dosing needle

Potential cause: Material has hardened / cured

Correction: Clean the dispenser

Potential cause: The dosing needle is too small or too long

Correction: Use a different dosing needle cross-section, reduce Dosing speed / flow rate

Potential cause: Insufficient supply of medium

Correction: Increase the supply pressure. Check for air-bubbles. Check the hose line.

Potential cause: Stator is swollen

Correction: Check material resistance, contact manufacturer

Potential cause: Dispenser is not calibrated

Correction: Calibrate the dispenser (guidance in the operating manual)

Potential cause: Reverse-flow is not correctly adjusted

Correction: Adjust the reverse-flow (guidance in the operating manual)

Potential cause: There are air-bubbles in the medium

Correction: De-aerate the medium (guidance in the operating manual)

Potential cause: The Medium is compressible

Correction: Degas the Medium

  • Very easy handling: EDI (Easy Dispensing Integration)
  • Processing of watery to pasty media
  • Bead size from 0,15 to 3,0 mm proportional adaptable
  • Dosing accuracy ± 1%
  • Repeat accuracy ± 99%
  • Pressure-tight  conveying system
  • Bead factor <2%
  • Reversible volume flow
  • Purely volumetric dosing with the ViscoTec endless piston principle
  • Controlled material cutoff due to the programmable suck-back
  • Fast, pulsation-free and product conservative dosing
  • Processing of solid containing media (max. particle size 1 mm)
  • Exact volume control
  • Independent of pressure, time and temperature

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