Diversity of disposables for your application

The following listed dispensing needles, static mixers and super precision needles for eco-PEN, eco-DUO and eco-SPRAY are always in stock for you.

What is copied is good! Fortunately, our products are also so successful that there are always companies who want to sell them – without our permission. That’s why they try to copy our products and partly even sell them under our name. When using counterfeit products there can be big differences in quality. preeflow is not liable for copied products. Where you really get original products and original accessories, for which we promise absolute quality and reliability, we are happy to tell you!

Dispensing tip – 1/2” standard


Product CodeQuantityGaugeColourID (inch)ID (mm)AD (inch)AD (mm)Picture
2165350 pieces14Olive0.0631.60.0832.11
2165450 pieces15Amber0.0541.370.0721.83
2165550 pieces16Grey0.0471.190.0651.65
2165650 pieces18Green0.0330.840.0501.27
2165750 pieces20Pink0.0240.580.0360.91
2165850 pieces21Purple0.0200.510.0320.82
2165950 pieces22Blue0.0160.410.0280.72
2166050 pieces23Orange0.0130.330.0250.64
2166150 pieces25Red0.0100.250.0200.51
2166250 pieces27Transparent0.0180.20.0160.41
2166350 pieces30Lavender0.0060.150.0120.31

Dispensing tip – 1/2” tapered


Product CodeQuantityGaugeColourID (inch)ID (mm)AD (inch)AD (mm)Picture
2166450 pieces14Olive0.0631.60.0832.11
2166550 pieces16Grey0.0471.190.0651.65
2166650 pieces18Green0.0330.840.0501.27
2166750 pieces20Pink0.0240.580.0360.91
2166850 pieces22Blue0.0160.410.0280.72
2166950 pieces25Red0.0100.250.0200.51


Dispensing tip – 1/2” tapered black (for UV-applications)


Product codeQuantityGaugeColourID (inch)ID (mm)AD (inch)AD (mm)Picture
2167050 pieces16Black0.0471.190.0651.65
2167150 pieces18Black0.0330.840.0501.27
2167250 pieces20Black0.0240.580.0360.91
2167350 pieces22Black0.0160.410.0280.72
2167450 pieces25Black0.0100.250.0200.51

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