Fluid Dispensing Systems and Liquid Dispensers for Your Requirement

Application examples

Our fluid dispensing systems are the perfect solution for any requirement. Why? Because all our liquid dispensers and fluid dispensers can be tailored to your demands. They are suitable for a wide variety of applications and industries. Precise liquid dispensing systems, easy handling and perfect results is our expertise – your satisfaction is our top priority.

Liquid Dispensing Systems: Compatible for Every Application

When it comes to dispensing liquids the applications are as diverse as the technology. From Bonding and Glob Top to Encapsulating.
We have the right fluid dispensing system for every application.


Bonding is also referred to as structural bonding with a fluid dispenser. Adhesive dispensing is mostly used in industrial design and semi and fully automated manufacturing.

Bonding mit preeflow

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Optical Bonding

Optical Bonding improves the performance in outdoor applications and industrial displays: This process eliminates trapped air between the glass and the display.

Optical Bonding mit preeflow

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Conformal Coating

Conformal Coating refers to the application of a protective coating. Highly viscous, thermal and UV-curing materials are used. They are applied in a thick or thin layering process.

Conformal Coating mit preeflow

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Dam & Fill

Dam and Fill applications protect highly complex components. First, a highly viscous barrier is applied. This area is then filled by a liquid dispenser pump with a filling material.

Dam & Fill mit preeflow

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Glob Top

Glob Top dispensing technology protects highly sensitive components and elements from vibration or external environmental influences. For this purpose, a liquid matrix is applied, which then hardens.

Glob Top mit preeflow

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Isotropic conductive adhesives require so-called Underfill applications. After the adhesive has cured, the resulting cavity is filled by a liquid dispenser pump. This dispensing technology is known as Underfill.

Underfill mit preeflow

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Microdispensing refers to the dispensing of flowable material in the volume range from one microliter. This dispensing technology is used for bead dispensing, dot dispensing and 2-component dispensing.

Microdispensing mit preeflow

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The process describes the application of an electronic potting compound. A fluid potting compound is applied to the component. The electronic component is protected during transport and against external environmental influences.

Encapsulating mit preeflow

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Material examples

Materials such as silicones, colours or fats differ greatly in their properties. Fluid dispensing systems must adapt to these specific requirements. That is why a wide variety of materials can be conveyed and applied using preeflow liquid dispensing equipment:

  • 1K und 2K Epoxy

  • UV & light curing

  • heat curing

  • gasoline

  • high fill fluids

  • anaerobic adhesives

  • shear-sensitive adhesives

  • LED resins

  • toluene

  • thermal conductive paste

  • sealing agents

  • flavours

  • solder paste

  • RTV rubbers

  • silver paste

  • flux

  • industrial oils

  • and many more

  • isopropanol

  • cosmetics & medicines

  • biotechnical suspensions

  • silicones

  • epoxy resin

  • alcohol

  • thermal grease

  • MEK

  • grease

  • PU

  • paints & inks

  • primer

  • acetone

  • brazing paste

  • electrolytic solutions

  • perfume

preeflow Dosiergeräte für Flüssigkeiten beim Auftrag abrasiver Wärmeleitpaste

preeflow Dispenser für präzises Dosieren von Flüssigkeiten - hier beim Verguss von Steckverbindern

Kameraklebung mit preeflow Dosiergeräten für Flüssigkeiten


Unsere Dosiersysteme für Flüssigkeiten eignen sich nicht nur für die verschiedensten Materialien. Sie kommen zuverlässig auch in unterschiedlichsten Branchen zum Einsatz:

Optics & photonics

Medical Technology






Electronic components


and many more

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preeflow® – automated dispensing systems

More than 20 years of experience in fluid dispensing. ViscoTec distinguishes itself with its comprehensive know-how in dispensing technology. In 2008, this wealth of experience was expanded with the introduction of the preeflow brand. With success: For more than 10 years, preeflow has stood for precise and purely volumetric dispensing of fluids in small and very small quantities. All over the world, a wide variety of industries rely on preeflow dispensing products. Always following our philosophy: Smaller, more precise, economical.