Original preeflow® accessories

The following listed original mounting, process and electronic accessories for eco-PEN, eco-DUO and eco-SPRAY are always in stock for you.

What is copied is good! Fortunately, our products are also so successful that there are always companies who want to sell them – without our permission. That’s why they try to copy our products and partly even sell them under our name. When using counterfeit products there can be big differences in quality. preeflow is not liable for copied products. Where you really get original products and original accessories, for which we promise absolute quality and reliability, we are happy to tell you!

Pos Classification Item number Description Picture
1 Fixing 20143 Tripod for eco-PEN / eco-DUO cpl. Stativ eco-PEN kpl.
2 Fixing 20145 Mounting for dispenser eco-PEN300 / 450 for tripod Halterung für Dispenser eco-PEN450
3 Fixing 20147 Mounting for dispenser eco-PEN600 / 700 for tripod Halterung für Dispenser eco-PEN600
4 Process accessories 20301 Pressure sensor for cartridge pressure in combination with EC200-B cabel length 3m Drucküberwachungssensor extern für eco-CONTROL EC200-B
5 Process accessories 20165 Footswitch cpl. for EC200-B / -K / -DUO Fußschalter
6 Process accessories 20168 Cpl. capacitive level sensor for cartridges, syringes and tanks for EC200-K / -B Sensor/Leermeldung kpl. kapazitiv für Kartuschen und Tank
7 Electronics accessories 20313 Cable extension “Extender” 5m cpl. only usable with EC200-K / -B / -DUO Kabelverlängerung (Linetreiber) "Extender" 5m kpl.
8 Electronics accessories 20314 Cable extension “Extender” 10m cpl. only usable with EC200-K / -B / -DUO Kabelverlängerung (Linetreiber) "Extender" 10m kpl.
9 Electronics accessories 20159 Power supply for EC 200-K with 2 pol. round plug Netzteil eco-CONTROL EC 200-K für Tischgehäuse (Kunststoff) Rund Stecker 2pol. Metall
10 Electronics accessories 20163 Power supply for EC200-B with 2 pol. square plug Netzteil eco-CONTROL EC 200-B für Einbaugehäuse Rechteck Stecker 2pol. Kunststoff
11 Electronics accessories 20333 SD Card with serial number activation for a second motor of eco-PEN300 /450 for EC200-K / -B SD Karte mit Serien Nr. Freischaltung Motor 2 der Dispenser ecoPEN450 für ecoCONTROL EC200-K (B)
12 Electronics accessories 20335 SD Card with serial number activation for a second motor of eco-PEN600 / 700 and stronger power supply for EC200-K / -B SD Karte mit Serien Nr. und stärkeres Netzteil (5,4A) Freischaltung Motor 2 der Dispenser ecoPEN600 für ecoCONTROL EC200-K (B)
13 Process accessories 20326 ecoREMOTE-RS232 interface for external program selection with EC200-K / -B ecoREMOTE-232 Schnittstelle RS 232 für ext. Programmanwahl
14 Fixing 21628 Attachment for dispenser eco-PEN300/ 450 benchtop robot preeflow Zubehör Befestigung 21638 Dispenserhalter Tischroboter für die U-Schiene eco-SPRAY
15 Fixing 21637 Attachment for dispenser eco-PEN600/ 700 benchtop robot
16 Fixing 21638 Attachment for dispenser eco-SPRAY benchtop robot for U-track
17 Fixing 21639 Universal U-track for benchtop robot
18 Fixing 21640 Adapter plate for T-guide track benchtop robot preeflow Zubehör Befestigung 21640 Adapterplatte für T-Führungsschiene Tischroboter
19 Fixing 21641 Block benchtop robot for U-track preeflow Zubehör Befestigung 21641 Balken Tischroboter für U-Schiene
20 Fixing 20656 Mounting set for eco-DUO330 / 450 (2 parts with screws)
21 Fixing 21172 Mounting set for eco-DUO600 (2 parts with screws) Mounting-set eco-DUO600
22 Process accessories 20691 Calibration adapter for eco-DUO330 / 450
23 Process accessories 21180 Calibration adapter for eco-DUO600
24 Process accessories 20827 Adapter for bayonet mixer to eco-DUO330 / 450
25 Process accessories 21599 Adapter for MS and ME mixer to eco-DUO600
26 Electronics accessories 20720 Cable extension for output pressure sensor for eco-DUO330 / 450 (5 m cpl. trailing cable)
27 Process accessories 21614 Heating cartridge with cable cpl. for eco-SPRAY
28 Process accessories 21122 Sensor interface flowscreen – pressure monitoring device

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