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Donations instead of customer gifts

At the end of each year, preeflow donates one euro for each dispenser sold to a charitable cause. Both social projects for people and environmental protection are possible. Local clubs and organisations are favoured. The donation target is set at the beginning of the year. preeflow has set itself the task of sharing its own success. We do this with people or organisations whose commitment deserves to be supported. For this, the microdispensing technology specialist from Töging am Inn renounces on customer gifts for Christmas.
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Project overview

Social Flow Danke Weltkinderlachen

WeltKinderLachen − Unser Projekt 2018!
Mit Ihrem Einkauf Hand in Hand für Kinder in Not.
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Mann mit Setzlingen der Baumschule

treeflow / 1 Million Trees auf Borneo − Unser Projekt 2017!
Ihr Einkauf als Gewinn für unsere Umwelt.
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