preeflow® controls the dispensed bead

Melanie HinterederAll

preeflow® stands for user-friendly and intuitive usable dosing systems which offers you an accurate and precise dosage. With those attributes you can also achieve savings of medium up to 30 %.

With a dosing system of preeflow® you have always the control over the dosed bead by setting just one parameter, the volume flow. It’s independent of the speed of the robot or the axis-system. With the smallest eco-PEN300 you are able to dose beads with a wide of 250 µm easily and without any interruptions or accumulations of material. Bead dosages with a traverse speed up to 300 mm/s are realized playfully.

Medium savings up to 30 % possible

Dispensed bead 1: Volume flow from 500 to 10 µl/min reduced

The brand preeflow® underlines once again the slogan “micro dispensing in perfection!”

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