High-tech dosing technology from ViscoTec

The brand preeflow® stands for precise, purely volumetric dosing of liquids in small and smallest quantities. Based on more than 20 years of experience all around fluid dispensing “preeflow®” was established in 2008 – and in addition also microdispensing in perfection.

preeflow® products are integrated in dispensing applications worldwide. The unique quality – Made in Germany – turns them to essential components, for example in adhesive dispensing like 1K or 2K adhesives.

If it comes to dispensers like the eco-PEN or eco-DUO, to control devices and evaluation units:
preeflow® products comply with our principle „small, precise, economical“.


  • beyerdynamic is impressed by the eco-SPRAY from preeflow

    The volume dispenser eco-SPRAY from preeflow, which has been available since 2016, has already established itself in the marketplace and also impressed the German hi-fi headphones manufacturer beyerdynamic: “The eco-SPRAY can be used to spray low to high viscosity materials. When spraying with the eco-SPRAY, even small amounts, such as a few milligrams, can be […]

  • Profiting from the perfect dosage

    In the medical sector more and more apparatus and casings are glued rather than screwed or plugged. To achieve this, micro dosing systems from ViscoTec are used. With the eco-PEN range, the mechanical engineering company from Töging met the demands of the market for miniaturization – which is nowadays being applied to any industry. With […]

  • preeflows eco-DUO für 2K Anwendungen mit statischen Mischern

    Handling of two-component preeflow systems

    For the precise mixing and applying of two-component applications it is always necessary to use the right mixing nozzles besides the correct dispensing system. The preeflow eco-DUO dispensers are well known for accuracy and their ability of an easy integration in a fully automated dispensing solution. From micro beads to small filling processes, all kind […]

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