Long Service Life When Dispensing Abrasive Thermal Pastes

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The structure of a printed circuit board

Mastering the challenges of heat managementThermal interface materials (TIM) are applied whenever heat has to be dissipated from a component. For example, they are used to fill gaps between two components – from the smallest components in electronics manufacturing to the production of electric vehicles. In addition to heat dissipation, some of the pastes also offer protection against mechanical influences … Read More

Double Chamber Cartridge: Simplicity in Handling!

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eco-FEED with 400 ml double chamber cartridge and a mixing ratio of 2:1.

New: Automated cartridge emptying system eco-FEEDeco-FEED with 400 ml double chamber cartridge and a mixing ratio of 2:1. preeflow’s newest member of the portfolio simplifies the emptying of double chamber cartridges. eco-FEED is a fully automatic, pneumatic cartridge emptying system that takes over the squeezing function respectively the steady emptying. At the same time, it achieves a particularly precise and … Read More

preeflow Makes a Donation to Help Children and Young People

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Spendenübergabe an SLW

Supporting the SLW Foundation in AltöttingWith its 2020 Christmas donation, preeflow, a brand of ViscoTec in Töging, wants to support children and young people. The Seraphisches Liebeswerk Foundation in Altötting (SLW) was selected for this cause. The microdosing technology specialists handed over €2,000 to the children’s charity on 22nd January.  From left to right: Robert Gantenhammer, Business Development at preeflow, … Read More

Production Using Robots with preeflow Dispensing Technology

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Grease application with eco-PEN dispenser Spray application using the eco-SPRAY Dispenser Automated grease application – precise and reliable TQ Systems, in Durach, manufactures collaborative robots that assemble themselves – among other things, with the help of preeflow dispensing technology. The precise eco-PEN and eco-SPRAY dispenser systems take care of the lubrication of gears, for example. The basic idea of letting … Read More

Highly Abrasive Materials Reliably Applied in Very Small Quantities

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eco-PENs that are already in operation can be upgraded in a very short time, thanks to the spare parts kits. Test result after 120 hours dispensing: The standard rotor on the right, with a hard chrome layer, shows signs of wear over time when used with highly abrasive materials, depending on the process. Detail view rotor wear: Standard rotor left … Read More

Potting of miniature connectors

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High-precision dispensing for complete process reliability Miniature connectors must be absolutely reliable and have secure contacts. Two-component potting compounds such as PU, epoxy or silicone are particularly suitable for potting miniature connectors. They are especially impressive compounds due to their wide range of applications. Increasing miniaturisation of performance electronics and improved sensor technologies increase the demands on dispensing equipment, i.e., … Read More

Bioinspired Artificial Heart Valves Made by Silicone Additive Manufacturing

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Das Design der fertigen Herzklappen ist von der Biologie des Menschen inspiriert.

preeflow® eco-PEN300 “prints” synthetic implant In an additive manufacturing process, virtual heart valve models are created with the aid of a CT scan and a preeflow eco-PEN300 one-component dispenser: Fergal Coulter from the “Complex Materials Group” of ETH Zurich undertook research for medical technology – more precisely for the additive manufacturing of artificial heart valves. They were manufactured using custom … Read More

Medical Wearable Dispensing Application

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Digital headwear equipment sensor connected to the ear.

Dispensing of a high viscous grease with an eco-PEN330 preeflow dispenser Most people think of smart watches when it comes to wearables. But there is much more! On the market of consumer electronics, you can find for example hearables, augmented & virtual reality glasses or smart rings. In the sports sector there are fitness trackers, sports watches, smart shoes, and … Read More

Loudspeaker Bonding in Perfection!

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Lautsprecherherstellung mit Preeflow Bonding

Precise adhesive dispensing to components Thanks to its experience and reliability preeflow is the perfect partner in numerous dispensing applications – also when it comes to bonding loudspeaker components. In the loudspeaker bonding a great value on exact processing is placed to achieve an outstanding sound experience and create long-lasting products. The loudspeaker manufacturer’s latest technical innovations place high demands … Read More

A Variety of Dispensers for Micro Dispensing Applications

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Covering the entire production process with one technology Dispensing small and smallest quantities with volumetric precision and speed often presents major challenges for companies in the medical technology, automotive, electronics, biochemistry, and photonics industries. It is not uncommon for industrial manufacturing companies to integrate various dispensing systems from different suppliers into their lines in order to meet the chemical and … Read More