The very first eco-DUO450 has been in use for almost 10 years

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Semi-automatic dispensing workstation

A two-component dispenser shows its reliability in the dispensing of smallest quantities at SebaKMT In SebaKMT’s production facility in Baunach, an eco-DUO dispenser from the micro dispensing specialist’s preeflow line, has ensured proper dispensing from the get-go. The first eco-DUO450 two-component dispensers and was officially sold and delivered in 2011 with the serial number 0001. Precise dispensing of the high-performance … Read More

Stainless-Steel as an Alternative for preeflow Housing Components

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Three different stainless-steel kits for the complete preeflow eco-PEN series

New in the portfolio: Stainless steel kit for eco-PEN 300 to 450 Special requirements require special measures. To meet the requirements of customers and sales partners, preeflow has developed a stainless-steel kit for the eco-PEN dispensers 300, 330 and 450. These alternative housing components are now available and in stock. The stainless-steel kit is perfectly suited to convert a standard … Read More

Potting in Vacuum

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Dispensing tests in the new laboratory of ViscoTec Asia Potting under vacuum is a frequently required application, especially due to increasingly small and complex products. In an application test in the new laboratories of ViscoTec Asia, the advantages of potting under vacuum are once again demonstrated. The video of the dispensing test is intended to support users and process managers … Read More

Fresh fragrance on feminine hygiene products

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feminine hygiene product

Smallest quantities sprayed continuously but flexibly A new project of ViscoTec Asia at the end of 2019 was the application of a fragrance on top of feminine hygiene products. Before implementation, dosing tests were carried out for the customer. A preeflow eco-SPRAY dispenser was employed for this. The aim of the tests was to check the dosing accuracy and repeatability … Read More

Microdispensing Technology from preeflow at Lopec in Munich

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preeflow 1- and 2-component dispenser for dosing smallest amounts in µl range

Brand of the dosing technology manufacturer ViscoTec as an exhibitor for the first time For the first time, preeflow is exhibiting at the Lopec in Munich. From 25th to 26th March, both 1- and 2-component microdispensing systems can be found in Hall B0 at Booth 120. The LOPEC (Large-area, Organic & Printed Electronics Convention) combines trade fair and congress for … Read More

Factors for Success in Dispensing 2-component Materials

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preeflow eco-DUO dispensers have been committed to small quantity dispensing of fluids and pastes for the last 10 years In order to meet the requirements of the dispensing market, the first eco-DUO dispenser for the application of 2-component materials was developed in 2010. It was based on the preeflow eco-PEN dispensers. These dispensers ensured an automated dispensing, of precise and … Read More

Dispensing in µl Range for Telecommunications Engineering

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preeflow eco-DUO330 during the dosing tests

From manual application to a fully automatic production line In customer-specific dispensing tests in the preeflow technical center, the implementation of a fully automatic production of optical fibers, by using preeflow 2-component dispensers, was tested. More precisely, the tests focused on the bonding of optical fibers in a connector. The customer’s requirements were: A repeatable application of 5 µl of … Read More

2000 Euro for the „Mehr Licht für Kinder-Stiftung“

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preeflow once again donates regionally, instead of distributing gifts The District Administrator of the Mühldorf a. Inn district, Georg Huber, received the donation from preeflow by ViscoTec in Töging for the “Mehr Licht für Kinder-Stiftung” (In English: More Light for Children foundation) now. preeflow Manager Thomas Diringer and ViscoTec Managing Director Georg Senftl symbolically handed over a cheque. As in … Read More

Glob Top Spray Dispensing Tests with DELO Adhesive

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Screenshot aus dem Video

Efficient potting application as an alternative to needle dispensing Microdispensing in the electronics industry can help to increase the service life of individual components. Glob Top Potting, for example, protects sensitive components, usually semiconductor chips, from mechanical stresses such as vibrations or temperature fluctuations. It also protects them from external environmental influences such as moisture or corrosion. A viscous resin … Read More

Huge Potential in the Field of Microdispensing

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Thomas Diringer, Business Unit Manager preeflow at ViscoTec in Töging a. Inn.

preeflow distributor meeting concentrates on future areas of application The second preeflow distributor meeting took place on the 14th of May. Representatives of preeflow’s worldwide distributors, and representatives of ViscoTec’s international subsidiaries, met at the Gasthof Raspl “Zur Alten Schmiede” in Unterneukirchen. No less than 50 people were present for the event. The event started with lunch, followed by a … Read More