Original preeflow® Spare Parts

The following listed original preeflow spare parts for eco-PEN, eco-DUO and eco-SPRAY are always in stock for you. They are available worldwide within 24 hours.

What is copied is good! Fortunately, our products are also so successful that there are always companies who want to sell them – without our permission. That’s why they try to copy our products and partly even sell them under our name. When using counterfeit products there can be big differences in quality. preeflow is not liable for copied products. Where you really get original products and original accessories, for which we promise absolute quality and reliability, we are happy to tell you!

Pos Classification Item number Description Picture
13 Rotor 20518 Rotor Set Size eco-PEN300 Original preeflow Rotor 20518
13 Rotor 21565 Rotor Set Size eco-PEN330 Original preeflow Rotor 21565
13 Rotor 20149 Rotor Set Size eco-PEN450 Original preeflow Rotor 20149
13 Rotor 20152 Rotor Set Size eco-PEN600 Original preeflow Rotor 20152
13 Rotor 20759 Rotor Set Size eco-PEN700 Original preeflow Rotor 20759

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