Extending the range: Pressure tank based emptying

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eco-FEED PT 5 ensures process stability when dispensing self-leveling low to medium viscosity mediaWith the eco-FEED PT 5, ViscoTec has now added a pressure tank based emptying system to its range. This takes the Töging based company a step closer towards a complete range. In future, customers can purchase all components from supply, feed, control, and dispenser as a package … Read More

The potential for process optimization: Focus on dispensing needles

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How to ensure reproducible quality in end productsOne of the most important parameters in a dispensing process is the resulting dispensing pressure. The optimal conditions for a functioning and process-safe setup can only be achieved by controlling this pressure. Overview of preeflow consumables dispensing needles The best example where the dispensing pressure becomes a critical parameter: The application of partly … Read More

Aggressive materials: double safety for the dispensing process

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Uncomplicated changeover from POM plastics to stainless steel using ready-made kitsAcetone, alcohol, paint or epoxy resin: These are just a selection of substances whose chemical properties challenge mechanical engineers in the implementation of customer-specific systems. However, POM plastics – technically known as polyoxymethylenes or polyacetals – are not always the best choice for components and parts. The reason is that … Read More

Potting of miniature connectors

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High-precision dispensing for complete process reliability Miniature connectors must be absolutely reliable and have secure contacts. Two-component potting compounds such as PU, epoxy or silicone are particularly suitable for potting miniature connectors. They are especially impressive compounds due to their wide range of applications. Increasing miniaturisation of performance electronics and improved sensor technologies increase the demands on dispensing equipment, i.e., … Read More

Product Application Automotive Industry

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Automobile roofs and windows made of plastics have been available for a few years. These roofs and windows cannot be welded to body in white. They are glued. To make this connection…

EDI – Easy Dispensing Integration

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Vorteile von preeflow

Preeflow are easy to integrate dispensing systems. For semi-automated and fully automated robot dispensing application. Perfect endless piston technology based on progressive cavity pump technology …

New preeflow® Dealer in Japan

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preeflow distributor SAN-EI-TECH Tokyo office

From 1.1.2015 onwards Preeflow welcomes our new distributor in Japan, SAN-EI-TECH, based in Chiba, with subsidiaries in Sendai, Nishi-Kanto, Nagoya and Osaka. SAN-EI-TECH is a…