Dynamic mixing: Future drive monitoring and control

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Der eco-DUOMIX mit dem Drucksensor flowplus-SPT M6

eco-DUOMIX: Effects of latest hardware and software updatesHard-to-mix components generally require a more complex mixing process to optimally combine the constituents. Thanks to its dynamic mixing process, the eco-DUOMIX is the perfect technical solution for processing complex media in industrial production. There has recently been a technical update. New features include a more powerful mixer motor with 100% higher torque … Read More

Product discontinuation eco-CONTROL EC200-DUO

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eco-CONTROL EC200 2.0 DUO replaces preeflow control units eco-CONTROL EC200-DUO Technical progress ensures that our product world continues to evolve. For this reason, the control unit eco-CONTROL EC200-DUO will be discontinued from the preeflow brand product portfolio. The affected product is: eco-CONTROL EC200-DUO (part no. 20641) The subsequent eco-CONTROL EC200 2.0 DUO control unit (part no. 22604) has already been … Read More

Extending the range: Pressure tank based emptying

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eco-FEED PT 5 ensures process stability when dispensing self-leveling low to medium viscosity mediaWith the eco-FEED PT 5, ViscoTec has now added a pressure tank based emptying system to its range. This takes the Töging based company a step closer towards a complete range. In future, customers can purchase all components from supply, feed, control, and dispenser as a package … Read More

Market Update: New 2-component dosing control unit complements product launch

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2K-Dosiersteuerung mit der eco-CONTROL EC200 2.0

eco-CONTROL EC200 2.0 combines the benefits of a 1-component control unit with state-of-the-art features for 2-component dosingIt has been one year since the eco-CONTROL EC200 2.0 hit the market. ViscoTec, headquartered in Töging, Germany, is proud to announce the control unit now has the ability to handle 2-component dispensing. The main goal of this product development was to provide customers … Read More

New standard: Sustainable packaging for dispensers & co.

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Regional partner is new supplier for high-quality outer cartonsAn incredible 40 pallets with an estimated 20,000 outer cartons have recently been stored at preeflow® – the end of a journey with which the company has actively advanced its previously-set sustainability goals for packaging materials in recent years. “Due to the COVID pandemic, we were not able to implement many things … Read More

The potential for process optimization: Focus on dispensing needles

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How to ensure reproducible quality in end productsOne of the most important parameters in a dispensing process is the resulting dispensing pressure. The optimal conditions for a functioning and process-safe setup can only be achieved by controlling this pressure. Overview of preeflow consumables dispensing needles The best example where the dispensing pressure becomes a critical parameter: The application of partly … Read More

Aggressive materials: double safety for the dispensing process

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Uncomplicated changeover from POM plastics to stainless steel using ready-made kitsAcetone, alcohol, paint or epoxy resin: These are just a selection of substances whose chemical properties challenge mechanical engineers in the implementation of customer-specific systems. However, POM plastics – technically known as polyoxymethylenes or polyacetals – are not always the best choice for components and parts. The reason is that … Read More

Product discontinuation

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eco-CONTROL EC200 2.0 replaces preeflow control units EC200-K and EC200-B Technical progress ensures that our product world continues to evolve. For this reason, the two control units eco-CONTROL EC200-K and eco-CONTROL EC200-B will be discontinued from the preeflow brand product portfolio. The affected products are: eco-CONTROL EC200-K (part no. 20120) eco-CONTROL EC200-B (part no. 20121) The subsequent eco-CONTROL EC200 2.0 … Read More

Avoid hidden costs when equipping with dispensing technology

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Die Grafik zeigt deutlich, dass sich eine höhere Anfangsinvestition auf lange Sicht auszahlen kann.

DC rotors from preeflow for profitable and effective investmentsA forthcoming investment in new process equipment with dispensing technology brings with it a number of questions. One issue may be: Does the new equipment work properly – with everything included? Is it reliable? Are the dispensing results perfectly repeatable? Are the required quantities applied with precision in the specified time? An … Read More

Long Service Life When Dispensing Abrasive Thermal Pastes

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The structure of a printed circuit board

Mastering the challenges of heat managementThermal interface materials (TIM) are applied whenever heat has to be dissipated from a component. For example, they are used to fill gaps between two components – from the smallest components in electronics manufacturing to the production of electric vehicles. In addition to heat dissipation, some of the pastes also offer protection against mechanical influences … Read More