Double Chamber Cartridge: Simplicity in Handling!

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eco-FEED with 400 ml double chamber cartridge and a mixing ratio of 2:1.

New: Automated cartridge emptying system eco-FEED

eco-FEED with 400 ml double chamber cartridge and a mixing ratio of 2:1.

eco-FEED with 400 ml double chamber cartridge and a mixing ratio of 2:1.

preeflow's newest member of the portfolio simplifies the emptying of double chamber cartridges. eco-FEED is a fully automatic, pneumatic cartridge emptying system that takes over the squeezing function respectively the steady emptying. At the same time, it achieves a particularly precise and gentle material supply to the eco-DUO dispenser in a process-safe manner. It is a stand-alone squeezing device for 2-component side by side double chamber cartridges with separate control of the respective material chambers. The system can be operated as a desktop or integrated version.

Dual-chamber cartridges are used in many areas – from crafts to industrial production. The eco-FEED scores particularly well where automation and process monitoring are required. Such as in electronics manufacturing: Whenever adhesives or other two-component materials are processed. For this purpose, epoxy adhesives, methacrylates and polyurethanes are supplied by well-known material manufacturers in double chamber cartridges. And from now on, they can be supplied and dispensed much more precisely, economically, and gently.

The specially developed cartridge adapters for eco-FEED ensure separation of the dispensing material. Both components are fed to the eco-DUO dispenser, which is responsible for precision mixing and application. "Smart Feeding was our keyword during development. And I am convinced that our customers will soon be as excited about how simple it is to operate our eco-FEED, as I am!" says Thomas Diringer, the preeflow business unit manager. 

Convincing statements for the eco-FEED

preeflow eco-FEED: A fully automatic, pneumatic cartridge emptying system.

preeflow eco-FEED: A fully automatic, pneumatic cartridge emptying system.

The single cylinders of the eco-FEED can be moved individually. This enables separate pressurization of both components. This in turn means that the dispensing pressures can be matched and adjusted to suit the material to be dispensed: Different on both sides and each with up to 6 bar. This is a major advantage over standard systems, which do not have the option of regulating the pressure individually. This is because different viscosities of the two components often require different treatment, for example.

The slim design of the eco-FEED allows it to be positioned in or on dispensing cells. In combination with the optionally available pedestal, the cartridge emptying system can also be easily positioned next to the respective dispensing system.

With the integrated optical level monitoring on the front of the eco-FEED, the level is always visible. If that is not enough, there is the option of electrical level monitoring, for maximum process reliability and even better, automated monitoring of the dispensing process.

The continuous supply of material to the 2-component eco-DUO system makes material dispense much more precise. With manual applications, dispensing is less precise: The employee cannot keep the effort as constant as an automated dispensing system. If the pressure is too low, the material application is interrupted or too small. If the pressure is too high, the material may be stressed. In this way, the eco-FEED also reduces material consumption and prevents material waste.

Additional features, such as a vent, directly located at the cartridge adapter, and a constant material inlet pressure, enable easy handling. Air bubbles are eliminated during material changes and there is no interruption due to material break-off – for a stable dispensing process.

The eco-FEED is suitable for the most common double chamber cartridges sizes 200, 400 and 490 ml. Dispensing is possible with mixing ratios from 1:1 to 2:1 and from 4:1 to 10:1. On request, the system can be flexibly adapted - also to fit other cartridge sizes. Please do not hesitate to ask!