Saving Production Costs due to Purely Volumetric Dispensing

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preeflow ecoPEN Schnittbild

Dispensing is one step of many production processes. It often doesn’t get as much attention as various others. All too often it is believed that any dispense method can do the application well enough. This can cause great problems: For example through viscosity changes which are often caused by pressure and temperature variations. Those changes make it difficult for the … Read More

Loudspeaker Bonding in Perfection!

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Lautsprecherherstellung mit Preeflow Bonding

For years preeflow dosing technology by ViscoTec stands for precise micro dispensing of small and smallest amounts. In addition to various fluids, all liquid adhesives, for example UV adhesives or 1K and 2K adhesives, can be dispensed precisely. Thanks to its experience and reliability preeflow is the perfect partner in numerous dosing applications – this also includes the field of … Read More

Pimp my Pump

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Pimp my Pump - Equipment für Dosiertechnik

The standard is to use snow tyres for motor vehicles to receive optimum performance of your car under harsh weather conditions. The tyre for the cold season is made out of a different elastomer combination which is responsible for optimum grip and minimized wear at winterly road conditions. Comparably to this we offer a special elastomer combination for our products … Read More

preeflow® at BITEC Exhibition Centre in Bangkok

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ViscoTec at Nepcon

The preeflow® story of success goes ahead. preeflow® participated at Nepcon exhibition in Bangkok together with our distributor for Thailand area. Thailand has an increasing market for electronic manufacturing and automation. The company CHEMTEC is, besides other technical products for automation, the official distributor for preeflow® and ViscoTec. As Chemtec has moreover 20 years of experience in dispensing they are … Read More

Best products – preeflow® eco-DUO600

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preeflow eco-DUO covers the "Produktion Magazin" title

The new designed 2-component dispenser eco-DUO600 made it in the special “Best Products” of “Produktion Magazin”.
Source: Print Magazine “Produktion” – “Beste Produkte”