Product Application Automotive Industry

Melanie HinterederAllgemein, General


Automobile roofs and windows made of plastics have been available for a few years. These roofs and windows cannot be welded to body in white. They are glued. To make this connection durable tough and suitable for road traffic, the supplier must pretreat the polycarbonate-window as appropriate. The pretreating process is improved every year. One of the top 10 automotive suppliers in Germany focuses on the precise micro dispenser by Preeflow.

An adhesive alone wouldn’t sufficiently merge polycarbonate with the metals of a body in white. Therefore the supplier is tasked with the application of a so called adhesion agent. This adhesion agent reacts with the plastics and later also with the glue.
After cleaning of window surface the adhesion agent is applied manually. Subsequently the parts are transported to the automobile manufacturer for assembling.

preeflow_produkt_application_automotiveBecause for increasing conditions manual dosing is too inaccurately, the process shall become semi-automated. The eco-PEN450 allows homogeneous dispensing. The supplier put a small sponge (approximately 20mm diameter) at the end of Preeflow dispenser. With this sponge the adhesion agent is applied along the edge of the roof or window. Later an automatically rotating table shall be integrated in this process, to eliminate different applying-speeds.
The volumetric micro dispenser by Preeflow regulates a consistent amount of adhesion agent and the mentioned table guarantees a smooth working speed. The uncontrollable human factors are no longer relevant for the process.

The described work step happens in a very short pulsing. Nevertheless the eco-PEN450 runs at maximum half speed. Preeflow products can be mounted to poly-axial robots. A future fully-automation according to our slogan “EDI- Easy Dispensing Integration” would be realizable.

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