preeflow® – one for all!

Melanie HinterederAllgemein, General


In the electronics manufacturing a very high precision and reliability of all involved components is required. Microchips are used nowadays in almost all electrical equipment and are becoming more complex and powerful. The dosing systems from ViscoTec, which are operating with the endless-piston-principle, offer ideal properties for all dosing applications in the electronic industry. With the preeflow product group you can dose all applications perfectly with just one dispenser.

Optical Bonding

Optical Bonding is a process in which a clear adhesive is coated between the glass layers of a touch screen. The main goal of the alliance is to improve the display function in an outdoor area. This method eliminates the air gap between the glass and the display. Especially in the smartphone and tablet production there is much emphasis placed on the precision of such dosages.

Conformal Coating

Conformal Coating is a process to apply a special protective layer on a substrate. An opaque or transparent coating, either partially or an entire coverage, gets applied at the circuit boards. The most highly viscous thermal or UV-curing materials are dosed either with a thin or thick-film process on the objects.

Dam & Fill

Dam & Fill applications are responsible to protect highly complex components, for example on mainboards. First of all a highly viscous barrier (bead), the so-called Dam, gets applied around the surface. Afterwards filling the bounded area with a flowable material to protect the completely area up to the dam.

Glop Top

Glop Top is a sealing application for sensitive components, usually semiconductor chips, to protect them against mechanical stress such as vibrations or temperature fluctuations. Even external environmental influences such as moisture or corrosion will not affect the encapsulated components after the Glop Top process. This gets achieved by applying a liquid resin matrix, usually an epoxy resin adhesive, which is subsequently cured.


Underfill applications usually are used with isotropic conductive adhesives. In this case, the isotropic conductive adhesive provides the electrical connection from the microchip to the substrate. As this adhesive is not applied over the entire surface, after the thermally or UV curing process, another filling of the hollow space is necessary, the so-called “Underfill”.


Micro dispensing means the dosage of fluids in volumes areas of a few microliters. Other fields of applications are for example bead dosing, sealing, dot dosing, tracking and 2k applications. Especially with these applications a high precision, repeatability and reliability is required.