Cartridge adapter with integrated quick venting system

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The perfect dosing result depends on numerous influencing factors and starts with the best possible material feed. The dosing material must be feeded into the dosing system simply and bubble-free. An uncomplicated, fast assembly of the material cartridge is a great advantage here.

For this reason, preeflow has developed a cartridge adapter with an integrated ventilation system, which is available immediately from the microdispensing specialist. Due to using a 1/8 inch external thread, the adapter is ideally suited for the eco-PEN and eco-DUO series 300, 330 and 450. With the help of a reducer the adapter can also be used with the 600 and 700 series.

The material composition of black anodized aluminium and stainless steel, as well as the sealing elements consisting of FFKM, make it possible to use the adapter for almost all conceivable materials. By means of a standardized Luer-Lock connection (1) the material cartridge can be turned onto the adapter as fast as possible. The adapter itself can be turned by 360° without resistance until the final lock with the help of the hexagon screw (2) and thus allows the user a maximum degree of mobility and flexibility. With the aid of a small piece of hose (Øi 4mm) which is plugged onto the hose nipple (3) and by opening the bleed screw (4), the air can escape from the pump housing and any excess material can be quickly and cleanly disposed of together with the hose piece. In this way, air bubble-free dosing can be ensured even after several cartridge changes.


Cartridge adapter with venting

Cartridge adapter with venting













  1. Luer-Lock connection
  2. Hexagon head screw SW13
  3. Nipple for hose iØ 4mm
  4. Ventilation screw