Extending the range: Pressure tank based emptying

Manfred BacherGeneral

eco-FEED PT 5 ensures process stability when dispensing self-leveling low to medium viscosity media

With the eco-FEED PT 5, ViscoTec has now added a pressure tank based emptying system to its range. This takes the Töging based company a step closer towards a complete range. In future, customers can purchase all components from supply, feed, control, and dispenser as a package from a single source. The key feature is particularly important for users who have specific requirements when it comes to viscosity. The eco-FEED PT 5 provides a system that simplifies the material supply for self-leveling low to medium viscosity fluids such as screw locking, anaerobic curing adhesives or oils.

eco-FEED PT 5

eco-FEED PT 5

Consisting of a tank, compressed air and media hose, all users must do is place their container of fluid in the tank. Once the container is in position and the media hose has been fed into the container, the pressure tank is sealed and the central supply in production is pressurised. Customers have the option of adding the EC200 2.0 control unit or adding a sensor. The EC200 2.0 monitors the compressed air supply and indicates a possible failure of the central compressed air supply. The sensor enables an empty signal to be generated without having to open the cover and interrupt the emptying process. The empty signal can be displayed on master control units or using the EC200 2.0.

A pressure regulating valve enables the available operating pressure in industrial production to be reduced to the required operating pressure directly on the eco-FEED PT 5. The excess pressure feeds the fluid out of the container through the media valve directly to the dispenser. The lack of moving parts is synonymous with the elimination of wearing and abrasion processes and ensures a fault-free and maintenance-free operation. The 5-liter tank has an internal diameter of 150 mm and an internal height of 300 mm and is ideally suited for a wide range of container sizes to ensures flexibility in the dosing process. Media from larger containers can be decanted into beakers and used in the emptying system. Whether using this option or the original container, emptying directly from the container – with no transfer into the pressure tank – eliminates the need for cleaning and makes the entire process simple.

With external dimensions of around 400 x 205 mm (H x D), the eco-FEED PT 5 can be easily and efficiently integrated into existing process technology, and at just 6 kg, it is also easy to handle. An optional pedestal allows stable installation, including directly on a laboratory bench.
For safety, there is an overpressure valve in the cover. All wearing parts such as seals or tubes can be re-ordered easily and installed yourself in a very short time. The stainless steel container and cover, and the PTFE media hose, give the eco-FEED PT 5 a long service life for emptying a variety of media, including those that are hard to handle.