Bead on Bead applications perfectly dosed

Elisabeth LenzGeneral

preeflow Anwendung Raupendosierung

To ensure a perfect aspect ratio for liquid seals, for example sealing of flanges, the liquid sealants are usually applied as a bead-on-bead application. The intention thereby is to reach a certain height with a very small or specific width, which should not be exceeded. Particular geometries require minimum heights or widths which are component conditionally. More and more often UV adhesives take over this task, because they offer the possibility to cure very quickly and reliably and thus to achieve a stepwise construction of the seal. In addition to that the ultimate strength of the elastic UV adhesives ensure a perfect sealing effect and the required elasticity. Nowadays, the stare and geometrically prefabricated gaskets are increasingly replaced by programmable liquid seals. With the preeflow volume dispensers liquid seals can be perfectly and reliably dosed with a bead-on-bead application!