In the beginning there was pitch.

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Otto Chemie

Most people today associate adhesives with chemistry and regard them – like the industrial production of chemical goods – as a relatively recent invention. However, at over 180,000 years old, this supposedly modern joining technology is at least as old as mechanical joining. Even “Ötzi”, the Stone Age man who died in the Ötztal Alps around 3340 BC and was … Read More

Bubble free dosing of adhesives – micro dispensing in perfection

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preeflow eco-PEN450 micro dispenser

As Adhesives become more and more complex, handling of these adhesives will keep on getting more difficult. For any expert user of such adhesives it should therefore of utmost importance to keep up to date with available options in dosing technology. Germany’s ViscoTec Pumpen- u. Dosiertechnik GmbH is a perfect partner, that can bring to the table a good basis … Read More

Catheter Manufacturing in Perfection

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Fluidsensor flowplus preeflow Katheter

Bonding of catheter components The use of catheters covers almost all medical specialties. Whether in intensive care medicine for ventilation, in urology as a bladder catheter or in cardiology as a heart catheter – to name just a few examples. Depending on their design, they are used for a wide variety of tasks. Basically, the manufacture of a catheter always … Read More