Catheter manufacturing in perfection

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Fluidsensor flowplus preeflow Katheter

In recent years, the use of catheters in the media industry is increasingly pushed. Since these can be used for a variety of tasks depending on the design, the use have not even approached the limits. Many German catheter manufacturers could even triple its staff in recent years. This trend suggests that the work processes in the respective companies continue to be automated.

But especially the bonding of the individual catheter components is still often done by hand. Thereby precision and cleanliness plays a crucial role in the manufacture of medical devices. At this point Viscotec provides a drastic solution with its precise dosing pumps of the brand preeflow®.

By the endless piston principle, on which all dispensers at Viscotec are based,  a continuously volumetric dosing is possible. Thus the process is gentle and with low shear force on any media independently of viscosity. The direction of flow can be reversed, this leads to a clean cut-off string and dripping of the medium is prevented.

preeflow® dosing pumps operate in the micrometer range with an absolute accuracy of +/- 1. This means that the smallest amounts of adhesive can be applied to the tubes, always with constant volume. This quantity can be adjusted so that after attaching the balloons, sleeves, connectors, etc. enough material is available to firmly adhere the pieces together, but so little that no excess material is squeezed out.
A better dosing in an environment that demands absolute cleanliness and sterility is not possible.

A further benefit is the easy integration of preeflow® products. The dosing pumps are designed in such way that they can be used in any production process – from simple manual workstations to fully automated production line. The required hardware is assembled as required. The user must only connect to the existing equipment, calibrate once and already the dosing pump is ready for use.

It is possible to start signals for dosing directly via the associated controller, via a foot switch or via a master control unit to. Unlike piston pressure sprayer, the use of this equipment means that the hands of the workers are free for bonding the catheter. So the job is done faster and cleaner, and more catheters can be manufactured in the same time.

After these unique advantages over conventional piston pressure spraying, it is important to pay attention to the cleaning of the dosing pump regarding to the preeflow® dispensers. This is very simple and fast. For a efficient cleaning, the pump is disassembled and the items cleaned with detergent and brush. Then the pump is reassembled together and is ready to use immediately. This process is provided by preeflow® in a virtual manual on Youtube.

Thus equipped, there`s nothing stopping an automation in the production catheter. In this way with the same manpower a bigger number of catheters can be manufactured to keep covering the increasing demand. At the same time, the material consumption is optimized and reworking are eliminated, which contributes significantly to the cost reduction. Repeatability and process safety can be guaranteed with preeflow® dosing.