Stainless-Steel as an Alternative for preeflow Housing Components

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Three different stainless-steel kits for the complete preeflow eco-PEN series

New in the portfolio: Stainless steel kit for eco-PEN 300 to 450

Three different stainless-steel kits for the preeflow eco-PEN series

Three different stainless-steel kits for the preeflow eco-PEN series

Special requirements require special measures. To meet the requirements of customers and sales partners, preeflow has developed a stainless-steel kit for the eco-PEN dispensers 300, 330 and 450. These alternative housing components are now available and in stock. The stainless-steel kit is perfectly suited to convert a standard eco-PEN dispenser. The stainless-steel components replace the standard POM (polyoxymethylene) housing components. All wetted parts of the new kits are made of high-quality stainless-steel 1.4404 (AISI 316L).

Various requirements in specific applications have made it necessary to expand the portfolio:

  • Some applications require that all parts of the dispensing equipment in contact with the product are made of stainless steel, VisChem and FFKM.
  • In other applications, certain components of the dispensing materials, e.g. solvents or plasticizers, have a negative effect on the material POM (degradation in relation to temperature, time, and material concentration). After extensive testing, these materials can now be dispensed without any issues.
  • Depending on the material used, it may also be necessary for the housing components, in contact with the product, to be resistant to fluxes for soldering, oxidants (peroxides or ozone) or organic and inorganic acids below ph4.
  • And in some applications a robust design is necessary due to many cleaning intervals.

In terms of dimensions, the stainless-steel version is identical to the standard plastic version. The additional weight compared to the POM version is 100 g for eco-PEN 300 and 185 g for eco-PEN 330 and 450.

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The advantages of the stainless-steel kit at a glance:

  • Simple reconstruction of the standard dispenser
  • Process safe dispensing
  • Easy cleaning
  • Use in sensitive production environments possible
  • More flexibility in the selection of materials to be dosed

Further information on the eco-PEN series can be found on the preeflow website: