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In the medical sector more and more apparatus and casings are glued rather than screwed or plugged. To achieve this, micro dosing systems from ViscoTec are used. With the eco-PEN range, the mechanical engineering company from Töging met the demands of the market for miniaturization – which is nowadays being applied to any industry. With the high-precision dosing systems, dosing results of up to 0.001 ml can be achieved and therefore almost every dosing application required can be implemented. At BBraun, one of the leading manufacturers of medical technology and pharmaceutical products, a production step was carefully examined by Supratec Syneo (sales partner of the brand preeflow in France). In this case: an adhesive application with cyanoacrylate and primer. This combination resembles conventional superglue. After every production stoppage on the production line, the operator of the plant had to intervene to replace the clogged dosing needle. A tremendous amount of effort in terms of time and material and, in addition, the bonding station was relatively difficult to clean. The BBraun engineers wanted an alternative adhesive solution. Supratec Syneo developed the idea of switching to a UV-curing adhesive. Based on positive experiences with the eco-PEN series, Supratec Syneo brought the high-precision preeflow micro dispensers into play. Thanks to the exact dosing accuracy of the volumetric dosing systems and the properties of the new adhesive, no further cleaning step was necessary. The adhesive does not cure until it comes into contact with UV light. For example, if production is stagnating over the weekend, the operator can start the entire system the following week without problems and set-up times – this was never imaginable with the previous system! Every day, before start-up, all nozzles had to be cleaned and all needles replaced. For BBraun, the solution with the eco-PENs and the cooperation with Supratec Syneo have been very satisfactory and further projects are planned.

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Advantages of the preeflow dispenser at a glance:

  • Reliable, stable process
  • Immediate startup, even after stoppages over the weekend without incurring time for set-up
  • Cost savings for cleaning and consumables
  • Clean dosing application
  • Precision and repeatability ≥ 99%