preeflow upgrades the eco-DUO600

Melanie HinterederAllgemein

preeflow Zubehör eco-DUO600 Adapter

preeflow Zubehör eco-DUO600 AdapterIn the range of two-component dosing, there are so many different materials and applications. preeflows two-component dispensers eco-DUO convince with their precision, reliability and performance. After the upgrade of the eco-DUO450 preeflow also extends the equipment of the eco-DUO600. With the new adapter the fields of application expand enormous.

In general, the new adapter offers an expanded range of applications for 2K fluids. The adapter for ME- and MS-Mixer allows to combine more mixing elements and longer mixers. This is a gain, especially in the handling of 2K fluids with different viscosities. Now you can combine mixers with many mixing elements or longer static mixers. This guarantees an optimal mixing of the two-components. An additional integrated reduction of the conveying channel makes a local pressure increase, so the component has a lower amount and is homogeneous in the mixture.

Here you can find the product flyer.