Factors for Success in Dispensing 2-component Materials

Melanie HinterederAllgemein

preeflow eco-DUO dispensers have been committed to small quantity dispensing of fluids and pastes for the last 10 years

In order to meet the requirements of the dispensing market, the first eco-DUO dispenser for the application of 2-component materials was developed in 2010. It was based on the preeflow eco-PEN dispensers. These dispensers ensured an automated dispensing, of precise and small quantities, making it possible to dispense many materials available on the market. This has provided the optimal solution for fluids and pastes often consisting of two very different components.

The smallest possible installation space in order to be integrated into fully automated production lines, and the high-precision application of very small quantities are great challenges here. In order to guarantee repeat accuracy, even with dispensing quantities of only a few µl, the volume in the channels up to the dispensing needle must be kept as low as possible. The paths from material inlet to mixing channel in the preeflow dispensers optimally designed in terms of flow. Since different viscosities of the two materials to be mixed lead to a different pressure in the dispenser, the filling level of the individual chambers also changes. With a smaller volume in the channels and less dead space in the dispenser, there is less possibility for the dispensing material to expand again. And less dead space also means the same or a similar pressure in each individual dispenser.

Both, flow characteristics and dead spaces (dead space = volume in the channels up to the needle), influence the accuracy of the mixture of the two components. Exact mixing is an absolute prerequisite for particularly small dispensing quantities. If mixing is faulty or non-repeatable, changes may occur in the reaction speed of the materials, which in turn has a negative effect on the dispensing result.

The high-precision preeflow dispensers handle low to high viscosity 2-component materials – in µl-range!

The high-precision preeflow dispensers handle low to high viscosity 2-component materials – in µl-range!

The advantages of the preeflow dispensers for 2-component materials:

  1. Lowest dead space
  2. Optimized flow characteristics
  3. Minimum channel volume

In addition, the space requirement for the integration of a third motor has been taken into account in the first design of the 2-component dispenser. This integration takes place in the new eco-DUOMIX, which will be launched onto the market at the end of February. This is a purely dynamic 2-component system for dosing very small quantities of viscous materials. preeflow thus offers a solution for all 2-component materials that are difficult to mix. Further information will follow at the end of February!

You can find information on the various application areas of the proven preeflow dispensers here: https://www.preeflow.com/en/fields-of-application/