Waste reduction in the automotive supply industry

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preeflow precision dosing increases process reliability

The automotive industry places high demands on suppliers with regard to process reliability, quality and efficiency, which have to be fulfilled to be able to deliver to automobile manufacturers. To meet these challenges, a preeflow customer had to optimize his application when applying a 2-component sealant within a specified gasket (FIPG – formed in place gasket). Tolerance limits of the geometric material application were exceeded due to excessive material application at the transition point. In addition, the material pressure could not be sufficiently monitored during the application process. The result was a high reject rate and the productivity was also influenced negatively by the unstable process and the high inspection effort.

Due to the innovative cooperation with the ViscoTec subsidiary in Singapore, the production process in the field of dosing technology could be significantly optimized. For absolute process reliability, a two-component dosing system from preeflow®, consisting of an eco-DUO600 including a dosing pressure monitoring monitor EC200-DUO, is now used. The system can be connected to the pressure evaluation device flowscreen to visualize process values.

Fertiger Materialauftrag mit gleichmäßigem Übergang - für Ausschussreduzierung


Constant process parameters for series production are of enormous importance. With the help of the pressure sensors in combination with the flowscreen, they can be displayed graphically in real time. This ensures a repeatable process of the material order. Pressure fluctuations that can occur, for example, due to a blocked or defective needle or cured material, are displayed immediately. This means that errors can be rectified immediately and the number of rejects can be minimized. The variably adjustable retraction ensures a uniform material transition, which also permanently reduces material consumption.

The eccentric screw pump with the endless piston principle and the pressure monitoring ensure a repeatable and stable dosing process. The individual composition of the equipment ensures low material costs on the one hand and high product quality on the other – for absolute customer satisfaction!

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Your benefits at a glance:

  • Reduction of rejects
  • Minimized material consumption
  • Improvement of product quality
  • Precise, repeatable material application
  • Productivity increase through stable dosing processes