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preeflow 브랜드는 용량을 기준으로 아무리 작은 양도 정확하게 투여하는 기술을 상징합니다. 20년 동안 축적한 액체 디스펜싱 관련 경험을 바탕으로, “preeflow”는 2008년 설립되었으며 완벽한 마이크로 디스펜싱 기술도 함께 제공합니다. preeflow 제품은 전 세계 디스펜싱 응용분야에서 활용되고 있습니다.

독일산이라는 독특한 특성 덕분에, 1액형 및 2액형 접착제 같은 접착성 디스펜싱 등의 분야에서 필수 요소로 자리 잡았죠. eco-PEN이나 eco-DUO 같은 디스펜서의 경우, preeflow 제품은 “작고, 정확하고, 경제적”이라는 당사의 원칙에 따라 장치와 평가 유닛을 조작합니다.

preeflow® 응용 분야

preeflow progressive cavity pumps can be used in dosing technology in a wide variety of industries and applications.
Whether in medical technology, biochemistry or in the laboratory: We offer you dosing technology suitable for every requirement – from bonding to underfill applications.

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The preeflow products allow a purely volumetric and pulsation-free dosing.
Whether 1-component dispenser, 2-component dispenser or spray dispenser: With us you will find your experts for microdispensing in perfection.

preeflow 1-component automated dispensing system eco-PEN

1-component dispenser

Our 1-component dispenser: Your perfect partner for dosing 1-component fluids.

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preeflow 2-component automated dispensing system eco-DUO

2-component dispenser

Our 2-component dispenser: With the preeflow eco-DUO you can dispense 2-component fluids perfectly.

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preeflow spray dispensing system eco-SPRAY

Spray dispenser

Our spray dispenser: The preeflow eco-SPRAY is perfectly suitable for high-precision nebulization and spraying.

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preeflow®완벽한 마이크로 디스펜싱 기술!

More than 20 years of experience in fluid dispensing. This comprehensive know-how in dosing technology distinguishes ViscoTec. In 2008, this wealth of experience was expanded with the introduction of the preeflow brand. With success: For 10 years, preeflow has stood for precise and purely volumetric dispensing of liquids in small and very small quantities. All over the world, a wide variety of industries rely on preeflow products. Always in the sense of the claim: Smaller, more precise, more economical.