preeflow at Matelec 2016 Madrid

Melanie Hintereder

From 25.10. to 28.10.2016 the Spanish distributor Dotest, S.L. was exhibiting amongst 600 other participants at the MATELEC 2016 in Madrid. This international trade fair for the electrical and electronics industry was a full success and Mr. Vacarisas summarized his experience: “Last October we had the opportunity of introducing all the preeflow range of products (ecoPEN, ecoDUO, ecoSPRAY, etc) at … Read More

E-joint production with eco-PEN600

Elisabeth Lenz

E-cigarettes have been a hugely popular alternative to normal cigarettes for several years. Away from the mainstream e-cigarette, two American inventors have developed a sleek, discreet, steaming e-joint which contains cannabis. Cannabis has been legal in several states in the USA for several years now and it can be purchased there legally for medicinal or therapeutic purposes. In this case, … Read More

SMT Hybrid Packaging Nuremberg, 2016

Melanie Hintereder

From 26.04.2016 to 28.04.2016 about 15.000 visitors came to Nuremberg to the SMT Hybrid Packaging exhibition. As Europe`s leading specialized fair for System Integration in Micro Elektronics one could have visited 420 exhibitors and inform oneself about current trends, developments and innovations. Also preeflow® was represented by its´ German distributor VIEWEG. In spite of the Hannover exhibition at the same … Read More

Medtec 2016 Stuttgart

Elisabeth Lenz

From 12 to 14 April 2016 there was the 15th Medtec Europe in Stuttgart. Medtec Europe is a central meeting point for manufacturers of medical devices from all over Europe. More than 6.200 visitors provided the newest developments and all other information about medical technology. 650 exhibitors presented their technologies and also preeflow was represented by Vieweg, the german distributor … Read More

Dosing technology in medical devices

Melanie Hintereder

2K adhesive dispenser in use

Exact and process reliable dosing with the 2K dispensers eco-DUO of preeflow convinced A.L. Electronics Engineering & Production Services Ltd. The electronics manufacturer from Yehud is served directly on-site by the Israeli preeflow distributor. With the precision dosing equipment of preeflow by ViscoTec – the specialist in dosing technology – components for medical devices are produced. A two-component adhesive is … Read More

At the beginning, there was pitch.

Elisabeth Lenz

Most people today associate adhesives with chemistry and consider them to be a relative recent innovation, as with the industrial manufacture of chemical products. Yet this apparently modern joining technique at 180,000 years is as least as old as mechanical joining. Even ‘Ötzi’, the Stone Age man who died in the Ötztal Alps around 3340 BC and was first discovered … Read More

preeflow at mkvs

Elisabeth Lenz

Together with interesting information about pressure-sensitive adhesives and solvent based products we attended the exhibitor’s area with products of our business unit components and devices. The preeflow dispenser series met with great interest and the discussions were consistently high quality.

Get together at ViscoTec

Elisabeth Lenz

It was a pleasure to invite all of our distributors to attend the 1st Distributor Conference on 10th of November 2015 which was held in Töging at ViscoTec GmbH. This was aimed at providing a good opportunity to communicate with the experts and other distributors and it was a great benefit for all of us.

Pimp my Pump

Elisabeth Lenz

The standard is to use snow tyres for motor vehicles to receive optimum performance of your car under harsh weather conditions. The tyre for the cold season is made out of a different elastomer combination which is responsible for optimum grip and minimized wear at winterly road conditions. Comparably to this we offer a special elastomer combination for our products … Read More

Exhibition Review NEPCON Vietnam 2014

Elisabeth LenzGeneral

NEPCON Vietnam is the leading electronics & Equipment- Exhibition for Vietnam.ViscoTec Asia has presented the new Flowplus, Flowscreen, EcoDUO-600 and the new 2-Component-System VisCompact. Vietnam is one of the favorites pricipal markets in South-East Asia for ViscoTec and Nepcon Vietnam is a very important point of beginning to reach customers in Vietnam.