Application of UV curing adhesives in the electronic sector

Melanie Hintereder

The sophisticated technology of preeflow convices in various application fields through precise dosing results. For example at the application of UV curing adhesives in the sector of electronic components at Sumida Components & Modules GmbH in Obernzell (Germany): The dosing of a DELO Dualbond is performed with a preeflow eco-PEN. The coil of a litz wire is immediately fixed by … Read More

UV adhesive without bubbles, three times faster!

Melanie Hintereder

preeflow eco-PEN450 micro dispenser

UV adhesive was applied by a well-known car component supplier onto operation of closing small housings, with 6 axis robot. The manufacturing line was built in Sweden, transferred to Poland, and dispensing was done based on on/off low pressure valves. However, dispensing was lousy due to two reasons: * When pressure in pressure tank was higher than 1 bar, adhesive absorbed air, … Read More