UV adhesive without bubbles, three times faster!

Melanie Hintereder

preeflow eco-PEN450 micro dispenser

UV adhesive was applied by a well-known car component supplier onto operation of closing small housings, with 6 axis robot. The manufacturing line was built in Sweden, transferred to Poland, and dispensing was done based on on/off low pressure valves. However, dispensing was lousy due to two reasons: * When pressure in pressure tank was higher than 1 bar, adhesive absorbed air, … Read More

Bead on Bead applications perfectly dosed

Elisabeth LenzGeneral

preeflow Anwendung Raupendosierung

To ensure a perfect aspect ratio for liquid seals, for example sealing of flanges, the liquid sealants are usually applied as a bead-on-bead application. The intention thereby is to reach a certain height with a very small or specific width, which should not be exceeded. Particular geometries require minimum heights or widths which are component conditionally. More and more often … Read More