3D printing of fluids

Melanie Hintereder

Everybody is talking about 3D printing. Mainly meant printing with technologies like steriolithographic (SLA) or selective laser sintering (SLS). But all of these procedures have limitations because the results are non-flexible objects. But what if you are able to print flexible materials? It would give tremendous perspectives and unlimited possibilities! This vision is now becoming reality. Following movie will give … Read More

Pimp my Pump

Elisabeth Lenz

The standard is to use snow tyres for motor vehicles to receive optimum performance of your car under harsh weather conditions. The tyre for the cold season is made out of a different elastomer combination which is responsible for optimum grip and minimized wear at winterly road conditions. Comparably to this we offer a special elastomer combination for our products … Read More

Perfectly dosed thermal pastes

Elisabeth Lenz

Wärmeleitpaste dosieren mit preeflow - Thermal Pastes dosed by preeflow

In power electronics thermal pastes are for example used for cooling of processors or other construction elements. Even the smallest of cavities on the surfaces of the components often downgrade the heat transfer enormously. The pastes exactly fill these cavities and optimize the transmission characteristics of the cooling elements. The thermal pastes are usually high-filled substances, so called ‘Gap Fillers’. … Read More