Easy Dispensing Integration EDI

Melanie Hintereder

preeflow dispensing solution are easy to integrate. The principle plug and play works quite well, no matter if benchtop robot, scara robot or fully automated robotic system. Please see following movie how easy an eco-PEN can be integrated – for a reliable, high-precision running dosing system. To dose and apply smallest amounts of low to high viscosity fluids.  

preeflow® at BITEC Exhibition Centre in Bangkok

Melanie Hintereder

The preeflow® story of success goes ahead. preeflow® participated at Nepcon exhibition in Bangkok together with our distributor for Thailand area. Thailand has an increasing market for electronic manufacturing and automation. The company CHEMTEC is, besides other technical products for automation, the official distributor for preeflow® and ViscoTec. As Chemtec has moreover 20 years of experience in dispensing they are … Read More

New: eco-DUO450 spare parts

Elisabeth Lenz

In the range of 2 component fluids there is an unlimited area of products and applications. To ensure a homogeneous mixing of the products the application needs a special mixer size…

preeflow® – one for all!

Elisabeth LenzGeneral

In the electronics manufacturing a very high precision and reliability of all involved components is required. Microchips are used nowadays in almost all electrical equipment and are becoming more complex and powerful. The dosing systems from ViscoTec, which are operating with the endless-piston-principle, offer ideal properties for all dosing applications in the electronic industry. With the preeflow product group you … Read More