Plug´n´dose – intuitive operation and dosing

Elisabeth Lenz

Just as the motto “plug´n´dose” suggests, once the stator has been installed and the control panel connected, the eco-PEN and eco-DUO dispensers from preeflow are able to dose immediately. The handling of the dispenser, as well as the control panel, is quick to learn, self-explanatory and intuitive. The NAVI wheel allows the operator to scroll through the logically set-up menu. … Read More

SMT Hybrid Packaging Nuremberg, 2016

Melanie Hintereder

From 26.04.2016 to 28.04.2016 about 15.000 visitors came to Nuremberg to the SMT Hybrid Packaging exhibition. As Europe`s leading specialized fair for System Integration in Micro Elektronics one could have visited 420 exhibitors and inform oneself about current trends, developments and innovations. Also preeflow® was represented by its´ German distributor VIEWEG. In spite of the Hannover exhibition at the same … Read More

Maximum precision in the dosing system

Melanie Hintereder

Als Komponente im Präzisions-Dosiersystem mit Vakuumoption von XENON konnte der eco-PEN 450 von preeflow by ViscoTec überzeugen.

The eco-PEN 450 from preeflow, by ViscoTec, convinces as a part of the precision dosing system with vacuum option from XENON. Thanks to the reliable dispenser of the medium-sized dosing specialist from Töging customers receive a fully automated dosing system. This stands for absolute precision and repeatability: The system and the included components as well as the dosing process itself. … Read More

Loudspeaker Bonding in Perfection!

Melanie Hintereder

For years preeflow dosing technology by ViscoTec stands for precise micro dispensing of small and smallest amounts. In addition to various fluids, all liquid adhesives, for example UV adhesives or 1K and 2K adhesives, can be dispensed precisely. Thanks to its experience and reliability preeflow is the perfect partner in numerous dosing applications – this also includes the field of … Read More

Automotive Camera Module Assembly

Elisabeth LenzGeneral

preeflow Dosieranwendung Autokamera

The latest technical innovations in automotive cameras impose high requirements on the camera components. Therefore, ultimate quality and reliability with regard to lenses, pixel density and energy consumption are in the demand. But the quality of the end product starts much earlier in the product chain, especially in the bonding of small and sensitive components. The perfect interaction between the … Read More