Spraying of abrasive soldering paste

Elisabeth Lenz

ViscoTec has proven high expertise particularly in complex dosing environments. ViscoTec´s brand preeflow shows the capability to operate reliable, extremely precise and repeatable for various applications in many industries. With the help of the precision volume dispenser “eco-SPRAY” preeflow explores new paths. Soldering pastes are pasty mixtures of solder powder and flux agents, which enable an accurate soldering of metals … Read More

Get together at ViscoTec

Elisabeth Lenz

It was a pleasure to invite all of our distributors to attend the 1st Distributor Conference on 10th of November 2015 which was held in Töging at ViscoTec GmbH. This was aimed at providing a good opportunity to communicate with the experts and other distributors and it was a great benefit for all of us.

UV adhesive without bubbles, three times faster!

Melanie Hintereder

preeflow eco-PEN450 micro dispenser

UV adhesive was applied by a well-known car component supplier onto operation of closing small housings, with 6 axis robot. The manufacturing line was built in Sweden, transferred to Poland, and dispensing was done based on on/off low pressure valves. However, dispensing was lousy due to two reasons: * When pressure in pressure tank was higher than 1 bar, adhesive absorbed air, … Read More

ViscoTec at PSECE Exhibition in Manila

Elisabeth LenzGeneral

The PSECE, one of the world’s largest electronic trade shows, was held from June 4th to 6th, 2014, in Manila. In these surroundings, ViscoTec presented itself and the trade mark preeflow as a manufacturer of dosing and micro dispensing systems, which have proven to be successful in various manufacturing scenarios for the electronic industry. High-precision dosing pumps for 1- and … Read More